Department of Neurology Ljubljana - Research

Head: Prof. Zvezdan Pirtošek, MD, PhD


I. Employees


Number of physicians employed: 14 (12 neurologists, 1 psychiatrist and 1 general physician); 4 with MSc degree and 4 with PhD degree. 

Young Research Fellows: 2

Research Assistant: 1


II. Number of patients per year 

  (Data extrapolated from the first half of year 2011)


  • Out patient services: 1984 pts.
  • In patient services: 1910 pts.


Main patient groups:

cognitive disorders (dementia)
movement disorders
multiple sclerosis
autonomic disorders


III. Laboratories


  1. Laboratory for CSF

The following tests are being performed in the Laboratory for CSF: basic liquor analysis (glucose level, protein level, cell analysis, Pandy reaction); oligoclonal band analysis; CSF analysis for dementia (Aß 1-42, Tau-protein, P-TAU 182P).


  1. Laboratory for cognitive neuroscience

The following equipment is available in the Laboratory for cognitive neurology: 40 channel EEG- Evoked Potentials; Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) – Magstim  BiStim2 in Magstim Rapid2.


  1. Movement disorders and gait analysis  lab

The following equipment is available in the Movement disorders and gait lab: Spirography (Spiralography - Wise Technologies); Moven Motion Capture System; Treadmill system for gait analysis; Actiwatch Score; posturography plate.


  1. Lab for autonomic neurology


  1. EEG lab

  3. Neurourodynamic lab (in process of development)


IV. ARRS (Slovenian Research Agency) sponsored projects in last five years


  1. L3-4255-0312 - Early Detection and rational therapy of dementia (Z. Pirtošek, Project leader) – started 2011;
  2. J2-4222-0312  - Machine learning in building intelligent systems for knowledge acquisition (I. Bratko, Project leader)  – started 2011;
  3. L7-4274-0312 - Laser triangulation in medicine (LASTRIM) (J. Možina,  Project leader) – started 2011;
  4. J5-4230-0312  - Law and the brain – criminological, philosophical and psychoanalytical insights about the subject in the era of neuroscience (R. Salecl, Project leader) - started 2011;
  5. J3-3628-0312 – Family history – genetic tool for preventive medicine (B. Peterlin, Project leader) – started 2010;
  6. L3-9314-0312-07 - Biological markers of the neurodegenerative syndromes which manifest with parkinsonism and dementia (Z. Pirtošek, Project leader) – started 2007, finished 2010;
  7. L7-9391-0782-07 - Medical innovations with laser triangulation (J. Možina, project leader) – started 2007,  finished 2010;
  8. J7-9792 - Methodological aspects of research of the cognitive processes - learning and decision-making (A. Ule, Project leader) – started 2007, finished 2009.


V. Cooperation in international projects


  1. BMBS COST Action BM1101 - European Network for the study of dystonia syndromes – started 2011;
  2. BMBS COST Action BM0905 - European Network for the Study of Gilles de la Tourette Syndromeapplying.


VI. Cooperation in other international professional bodies


Department of Neurology is a part of:


  1. JPND (Joint Programming Neurodegenerative Disease) initiative;
  2. BME (Biomedical Engineering) reference center initiative.


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